Satellite communications are now an indispensable part of most major telecommunications systems. The Telco industry is using satellite solutions to shape the next generation of communication strategies all over the world using satellite solutions for broadband, video and data services and communication.

In remote locations where communication services are expensive to setup or almost impossible, Telco industry makes use of cellular backhauling that essentially provides a cost effective way to provide uninterrupted connection for all kinds of mobile networks.

Cellular backhauling solutions connect mobile network base stations faster and in a more cost effective manner, bringing bandwidth to remote areas, that in turn leads to redundancy for landlines, and offloading traffic during peak times.

On the other hand, to better serve the ever changing market and business needs, satellite capacity can be utilized across the entire satellite fleet, for full-time, part-time and occasional usage.

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Telco Industries utilize satellite backhauling as its both simple and fast. Most importantly, it is also suitable for the first responder use, disaster recovery and humanitarian activity. This way, a secure, reliable and wireless communication is easily setup within minutes at any given location.
Telcos move large quantities of data traffic onto satellite for ease of onward distribution to deal with the rise in demand from 2G to 3G and so on. Simply put, telcos manage and control the traffic which requires quick response.
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