Vessels/ Barges, platforms and rigs technically require very reliable and trustworthy communications for an increasingly diverse and wide array of applications. Moreover, since these operations are placed in the most remote locations, where no terrestrial network infrastructure is available, satellite communication is highly imperative to support the Energy industry and open opportunities for its expansion and growth as well as increase safety in even their most hard-to-reach operations.

Energy companies require 24×7 high-throughout connectivity for linking HQ-based personnel and systems with technical experts, pipeline facilities, and offshore drilling platforms.

Oil & Gas
The oil and gas sector’s remote locations often mean heavy dependence on satellite solutions. Minimizing costs is key for most companies in this field.
Modern practices have significantly improved productivity, safety and hassle in mines and satellite solutions are a major step in the same direction which is more cost efficient.
While many renewable energy projects are large-scale, renewable technologies are also suited to rural and remote areas and satellite solutions are highly cost effective.
Fossil Fuel
The very word “fossil” means digging or excavating from the earth which is almost always in remote locations, once again making satellite solutions ideal.
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