The Media industry is all about coverage and satellite solutions makes live reporting from anywhere in the world easily. Satellite based communication systems is the solution to the media Industries complex requirements.

Media solutions has been popularly known to give broadcasters mobile and reliably quick way to deploy systems to undertake live broadcasts or report back to the studio without any interruption and remain functional in the most dire conditions.

Media Contributions entails high-performance contribution solutions that enable efficient transmission of high-quality media content over satellite. Whereas, Media Distribution focuses on delivering broadcast video quality services over the most challenging of network conditions.

Moreover, effective data connectivity and a wide range of media-specific applications are utilized by Media industry to assist journalists on the move to carry out reporting in the most challenging locations.

TV   Radio

Satellite TV helps deliver signals in areas where customers may not be served by cable television or “terrestrial” broadcasting. Initially, it was considered as home entertainment only in a few cities. In addition to that, with the help of cutting-edge technology of satellite TV, you can get great programming selection and brilliant reception efficiently delivered by the satellite TV, irrespective of your location or where you reside .

Types of Broadcast Systems:

DTH (Direct-to-Home)
FTA (Free-to-Air)
Video-on-Demand /OTT

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