Our Story

Northtelecom is a Dubai-based company specializing in satellite communication and ICT services and solutions. Focusing on innovation and reliability, We provide communication solutions to industries like energy, maritime, media, telco, enterprise, and humanitarian aid.

One of the critical factors in Northtelecom's global success is its expansion strategy. Securing regional markets, we acquired key players in each region, starting with acquiring ScopeTel in Malaysia in February 2017. MMBTV Italy followed this in June 2017. With its footprints spread globally now, Northtelecom is a market leader.

Current Scene


Today, Northtelecom is one of the leading providers of system integration, system products, and network communication services.

Our staff includes skilled professionals and industry experts who work together to provide the best possible service by offering our clients and customers cutting-edge solutions.

Our Mission

At Northtelecom, service excellence is essential to achieving success. Therefore, we strive to provide the best possible service internally and externally, ensuring the best possible experience for our clients.

Our Vision

We aim to become a trusted brand in the SatCom industry by providing customized solutions that meet changing market demands.

Our Timeline


Established the first office in UAE in September 2007. creating a hub for future growth and expansion.


Happiness Center inauguration, catering to clients globally.


Penetrated the South Asian region through a partnership with Singtel.


CABSAT show first debut that turned into an annual tradition.


A historic deal with Telco Giants elevating satellite leasing capacity in the MENA region.

Created a foothold in the SA region by establishing the first hub in Singapore.


Office setup in Germany.

Strategic partnerships signed with Yahsat, Eutelsat, and iDirect.

Positioned as the leading provider of satellite communications and ICT services.


Partnership with Yahlife signed.


New partnership deal with MEASAT


Position established as leading global satellite service provider.


Hub was established in Greece to service the European market.


Acquired ScopeTel Sdn Bhd. in Malaysia.

Set up a colo-teleport in Malaysia through Partnership APT satellite.

Established the German office and Teleport.


Acquired Milano Media Broadcast in Italy.

Announcement of new solutions geared towards Energy & Maritime industries.


Energy and Maritime portfolio enhanced by inking a deal with Inmarsat, becoming a Fleet press Distributor.


Established new antenna farm in the Teleport in Germany.


Launched a new global network and satellite UPLINK through a partnership with BALINTERSAT.


Setup shop in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to cater to a growing and evolving market.

Agreement with THURAYA signed to meet end-to-end turnkey solutions.

Northtelecom Advantage

As an all-purpose supplier of satellite communication services and solutions, Northtelecom helps customers choose from various systems in the global market. This distinction and decisive advantage allow us to provide our customers with the best possible service and experience.

Preferred Solution by Industry Experts

Wide and Distinctive Coverage

High Efficiency

24/7/365 Support

Global Access

Northtelecom’s service portfolio offer innovative and reliable communication solutions.

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Social Responsibilities

Manchester Businesses School 2016 graduation ceremony

As a step towards supporting students and education, we are delighted to announce our participation in the Manchester Businesses School 2016 graduation ceremony as a gold sponsor.

Life at


Northtelecom is a global organisation that understands the importance of employing people that share the same values of the company. Each individual has their own strengths and unique talents which put together makes for an extremely active and fun working culture, filled with growth opportunities.

Employees and associates from different countries and cultures from all over the world bring with them different workplace attitudes, values, behaviors, and etiquette which are extremely enriching and beneficial for the diverse professional environment Northtelecom aims to maintain.   

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