Satellites help terrestrial network operators effectively meet growing bandwidth demands. Leveraging Northtelecom’s satellite services to telecom operators essentially helps them to meet the growing and increasing customer demands or expand into underserved areas.

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Cellular Backhauling

Northtelecom’s backhaul solutions enable mobile network operators to solely focus on managing their network traffic, while Northtelecom manage the backhaul network. Northtelecom’s global coverage enables network operators to extend their service area regardless of the availability and quality of terrestrial infrastructure.

With the increasing availability of affordable smartphones and innovative solutions such as mobile payments facilitating economic growth and development, there is a rising demand for mobile connectivity. However, many areas do not have the terrestrial infrastructure in place to connect these networks and keep pace with the increasing demand for bandwidth.

TelcoConnekt backhauling solutions connect mobile network base stations faster and in a more cost effective manner, bringing bandwidth to remote areas, that in turn leads to redundancy for landlines, and offloading traffic during peak times.

It also effectively provides crucial back-up solutions for mobile network operators to recover critical voice and international connectivity systems during challenging circumstances when the main line go down.

Leasing Capacity

To better serve the ever changing market and business needs, we offer flexible satellite capacity across the entire satellite fleet, for full-time, part-time and occasional usage.

Full-Time and Part-Time Use

Northtelecom’s full time use service co-ordinates in parallel with the growing business requirement for guaranteed satellite connectivity on a 24*7 basis. We pride in delivering cost-efficient and flexible satellite solutions.

Clients also have the liberty to lease a full transponder or a portion either on an allotted time during the day or an allotted date during the week.

Occasional Use

We, at Northtelecom, can provide you assistance with any predefined requirements and need for bandwidth and beam coverage; it can be either booked in advance or on short notice.


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