Every day, an innumerable number of vessels, including oil and gas rigs, rely heavily on satellite communications for vital and critical operations. When surrounded by nothing but the ocean, being able to connect and communicate to land becomes of the utmost importance. Vessels across the globe rely on uninterrupted internet availability for operational, safety and crew communication.

More importantly, they depend on robust and reliable applications to effectively conduct daily on-board/vessel projects, increase and optimize work productivity, maintain on-shore communications and efficiently conduct day-to-day on-shore business operations. These applications depend on effective satellite services, the lack of which would in turn affect both the safety of a vessel and its crew.

Commercial Shipping

Satellite technology helps the commercial shipping industry reduce its carbon footprint. The maritime industry requires robust satellite capacity for operations, navigation and on-shore monitoring as they cross oceans .

Oil & Gas Offshore

Operations for oil & gas usually take place in the most remote locations where the traditional infrastructure doesn’t help. Satellite solutions basically support the functions of the entire industry by creating more opportunities for growth.


Better satellite solutions for communication and more is an absolute must for the Maritime Industry especially cruise ships that offer luxury and need higher bandwidth.


Yachts similar to cruise ships travel out into the world’s oceans and need efficient satellite solutions to provide a seamless experience for the people on board and for safety purposes.


Satellite solutions help fishing companies around the world bring the best catch to land and give them an upper hand in the Fishing Industry .

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