Industries of every kind, operating in a variety of fields rely heavily on data and the biggest concern for many enterprises is how to tackle the growth of it all. The biggest challenges are the sheer growing volume of data, the range of data, and the ever-increasing speed of data requirements. Widely ranging from real-time e-commerce traffic to corporate email messages, the rising need for reliable and secure connectivity has further increased. This is where Northtelecom comes into play.

Our sole focus is to deliver fast, reliable data connectivity required for real-time data mining in order to enable business growth and expansion worldwide.

With the aim to be the ultimate game-changers globally, Northtelecom strives to pool in all its efforts to ease the toughest challenge that comes with managing, controlling and storing data. Our reformed set of cutting edge technology of providing broadband over satellite offers the finest and most efficient service in the market.

Moreover, Northtelecom’s EnterpriseConnekt solution delivers IP access instantly irrespective of the local infrastructure or location. This tailor-made managed service delivers more information at a faster, more efficient rate and has detailed service plans designed to efficiently meet a plethora of enterprise business needs and requirements.

EnterpriseConnekt is based on iDirect’s advanced technology allowing a secure and reliable medium to connect geographically dispersed locations, especially when connectivity options are not feasible and reliable.

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